Living with PPPD by Rochelle L. Cook MA., CHt.

This is a story about living with and overcoming PPPD s truly debilitating Vestibular disorder. “Life, Brain Surgery & Spirituality.” is a video series I made so that you can benefit from my journey. It is a series of life-changing insights from my 5 plus years of living with PPD. I answer fundamental questions and offer processes that work to overcome PPPD.

  1. Life Brain surgery & Spirituality
  2. What actually happened?
  3. Saving yourself from death itself!
  4. Will you ever walk again?
  5. My story and the kindness of others.
  6. The Seizure itself.
  7. Vanity and how to overcome it.
  8. The 3 Secrets to Living with PPD (Over 2000 views)
  9. The doors of perception.
  10. Take the next step.
  11. The meaning behind your suffering.
  12. It matters what you think not what others think.
  13. How are you going to get up?
  14. Judgment day!

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