Money & The Law Of Attraction

For Adults, Children and Teens

Want to make more money?

Would you like to make more money? Do you really know what , “The Law of Attraction” is?  The subconscious mind often dictates what you achieve. It is one thing to state ” I want to make a lot of money,” however,  if the subconscious mind has been programed over the years to believe the opposite  getting what you want can be almost impossible.

As children some of us have been told that our dreams are fairy tales that only come true in books. The subconscious mind has held on to this misbelief called, “a projection,” which is the belief of someone else, that become lodges in childhood to be the truth. Between the ages of 0 and 9 the subconscious forms its library of associations. We learn as children what we see and hear. Our subconscious mind forms our belief system. An example would be, “I do not like it when I get yelled at ” to, I love being rewarded with candy.” 

As a result the adults  do not like being yelled at and for some of us rewarding ourselves by eating candy.  Candy, the fictitious reward can become an unhealthy coping mechanism. I am not going to elaborate on the psychological affects the library of associations can have on the adult but as you may guess these associations play a huge part in your success in all areas of your life including, attracting money, weight and even RELATIONSHIPS!

Hypnosis can reprogram your unhealthy beliefs into positive self honoring beliefs. When working with my clients I use many different modalities such as, hypnosis, creating living visions, journalism, meditation, reality writing and many other life changing methods. 

Parents, teach your children to ask for what they want. Many of you have had “dream crushers” in your life, please do not make the same mistake. Our children deserve to be free from the projections that we had to endure. Do not hinder your child’s success. Allow your child the freedom to create the life they want. If you think about it, Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong were the first to fly to the moon, Abraham Lincoln did the impossible at the time, he freed the slaves, what about Christopher Columbus, he dared to believe and set out to prove that the world was round. Who ever thought that we could replace a living heart!

Even the bible states…

Ask,  and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”. 

~ Matthew 7:7 

Anything can happen, even the impossible! Dream! Our children soon will be running the world.

I am one who has been most fortunate in this department. My mother and father were always supportive. It did not matter what ,”I want to be when I grow up,” my parents were always  optimistic, anything can happen, the sky’s the limit. My wise grandmother used to say to me, “Rochelle, you can do anything you want to do!” I can hear and treasure her voice to this day.
Children can achieve the impossible, just let them. We adults can do the same thing, trusting in the universe to give you what you want for your highest good of all concerned or better is a much more pleasant life to live.

Through hypnosis the subconscious, the library of associations, can be reprogrammed and  your life will unfold into the world of reality in which you choose to live.

Your words are the house in which you live, be careful! This is what Money & The Law Of Attraction is all about.

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Is There Scientific Evidence for the “Law of Attraction”?

By Srinivasan Pillay, Contributor CEO of NeuroBusiness Group and award-winning author