Aversion to Unhealthy Foods paraliminal by Rochelle L. Cook MA., CHt.

Every year we go through the “making New Year resolutions” and the “NEW YEAR-New Me” effluvia.

Why do I say effluvia, (any-product especially of waste). Research shows that 60% of people making New Year resolutions break these the first week. Well if it really was a RESOLUTION it should mean that it CANNOT CHANGE.

But, that’s not true!

In my experience most people also pick resolutions they don’t have any passion for, they choose instead changes they “SHOULD” do, they don’t choose what they want to to do.

Also people do not use the right drivers. Passion, desire, are good drivers, as is total disgust and distaste repugnance and revulsion.

NLP (Neuro Linguistics) research shows us clearly that disgust is actually the best driver.

Think of the difference between “I am upset I am 10 pounds heavier this year” and “This is unfrocking acceptable, I am a fat disgusting pig, this WILL CHANGE NO MATTER WHAT” which do think drives people?

So what are you truly disgusted with, what are you sick of? Weight gain, lack of resources, your relationship?Get truly disgusted to start the action, then think of the gain (pleasure) of achieving it!

Happy New Year!

If it’s weight-loss you are working on. I have created a really disgusting NLP style meditation that will get you over “bad for you foods!” It’s quick, effective and truly disgusting.