Unexplained chronic dizziness has long puzzled doctors, but a new study sheds light on the possible causes of the condition.

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PPPD is a form of chronic dizziness. With this condition, all medical test results often come back as normal. Many people are told misleading comments like it’s all in your head. 

Yet this is a complex condition and a simple statement like that doesn’t help anyone to heal. I’ve been living with PPPD for over 5 years, it was triggered by a brain hemorrhage and surgery. I’m going to share with you what happened and how I managed my way back to normalcy. If I can do it, you can do it! ‘ll show you how with a new form of PPPD treatment.

New Clues to Chronic Dizziness

Karen Doheny for WebMD

In a recent study anxiety disorders were found to

Anxiety disorders were found to be linked to 60% of the chronic dizziness cases; central nervous system conditions such as migraine and brain injuries explained more than 38% of the cases. In less than 2%, abnormal heart rhythms were identified as the cause of the dizziness.

Two-thirds of the patients had medical problems (such as an inner ear infection) that first caused the dizziness; one-third had a psychological event, typically a panic attack, which caused the dizziness initially. 

These are the conditions that Clinical Hypnotherapy excels in alleviating.