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Hypnotherapy Applications:

Take an Emergency Stop Now—It’s Simple

Ideal for use when there is a sudden flare-up of anxiety or an anxiety attack, like in the last election or you’re having stress at work or you are in a relationship break-up. This little instant #selfhypnosis routine, as the name suggests, will stop the worry in its tracks! So, when it strikes:

  • Breathe in and see yourself as if from the outside looking anxious.
  • Hold your breath and freeze the image solid – everything freezes except you.
  • See yourself take a step back, looking relaxed.
  • Zoom in to become the relaxed self and breathe out.

Combine this exercise with my White Light of Protection Meditation and you’ll quickly break the worry cycle.

It will turn out ok I promise you. Please accept my Free meditation offer I know it will help you.

White Light of Protection Meditation