3-Seattle-LBGTv2Visit Seattle.transformationalhypnosis.us for details on the  for the greatest movement to hit the LGBTQ community since Equal Rights! From the beginning of who knows when, we have focused on the darkness of hatred from others. It is time WE make a community paradigm shift in our thinking. Can you imagine a revolution of focusing on the LGBTQ community so positively that it is impossible to see or feel the hate? We can! In fact we are making it a reality.

Please join the cause: Yes! I belong… 

Both Rochelle and Dr. Glock serve as intuitive coaches for a variety of film directors, producers, lawyers, doctors, and other public figures and professionals, including actress and singer Karina Lombard. They are regularly invited guest speakers and workshop leaders, most notably for their address to thousands at St. Marks Cathedral on Capital Hill in Seattle. In addition, they have published various journals and will release a much-anticipated book on weight loss and the inner voice in 2013. Dr. Glock has also published a dissertation on Cultural Futuristics.
Rochelle Cook and Glock Michael are hosting a special event in Seattle called Yes! I belong. This is the beginning of a beautiful movement that we would love for you to be a part of…. HURRY SEATS ARE LIMITED AND ONLY $15!! GO TO http://seattle.transformationalhypnosis.us/ to reserve your spot now! ONLY 2 WORKSHOP SPACES LEFT!

Yes, I belong…

Growing up in a community with narrow minded, judgmental people is difficult. People that hold this limited consciousness are only buying into the projections of a controlled society, family beliefs and often religion. Unfortunately many suffer. This type of discrimination is one of the oldest forms of racism. Feelings of unworthiness, abandonment, fear which lead to hiding out get in the way of ones true sense of inner peace. When we speak about inner peace we are speaking from a very deep place within
the soul. Through practicing forgiveness and acceptance, by reaching a new understanding about the self, one can heal and reach new levels of enlightenment.
We invite you to step within and join us for an evening of truth.
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