Overcome Feeling Abandonment

Hypnosis boosts your self-confidence and eliminates depression and Abandonment issues

Heal your issues with story centered coaching and eliminate depression, anxiety, loneliness for good!

Stop Your Pain & Suffering & Overcome Abandonment

Do you want to STOP the pain and suffering associated with feeling abandoned? You can with Story Centered Hypnotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

The telltale sign you have abandonment issues: 

  • Are you ok if the relationship is not ok? 
  • Do you attract the same type of difficult relationship? 
  • Are you afraid that someone may leave you? 
  • Do you constantly feel as though you are not worthy or deserving?
  • Do you run away from a relationship first so that you will not get hurt? 
  • Does your world end if someone leaves you? 

After experiencing Ms. Cook’s methods of hypnotherapy and spiritual psychology you experience being able to hold your own hand and truly know that everything is ok.

~ Laura S. NYC

Do you Fear Abandonment?

The monster of fear can be so great that it is often difficult to move forward.  So many people in the world suffer from this type of abandonment trauma. Daily decisions are tainted by the “what if” questions such as: “Is he or she going to leave me?” and “Why bother loving, I will end up alone.”

These thoughts cause fear of abandonment and override the reality of the situation. The reality is, you are never alone because you have yourself! This may be hard for some people to understand but I can assure you this; if you truly understood and experienced what it means to “love yourself” you would NEVER feel alone. Healing abandonment trauma with hypnotherapy is achievable.

Discovering the Truth:

Discovering the “truth” behind the issue is the first step to healing. Acceptance, self-love and reparenting the self, known as the inner child, can replace the darkness and the loneliness.  Through story centered hypnosis, past scenarios can be recreated and healed. This nurtures the self, your inner child, who learns to feel safe, often for the first time in a long time. Holding the child within offers the love and security we all as humans crave.

Without self-love we constantly search, hoping that someone else can fill the void in our souls. No matter what, our cup even though it is half full, remains laced with fear. We must learn to love the inner self before being able to be truly loved by others. Our inner child needs to feel safe and secure, so that we, the adult can maintain healthy relationships.

” Your past doesn’t determine your future.”

~J.K Rowling

I have found that through the practice of self-love, the world automatically shifts. As I say “your outer reality is a perception of your inner reality.” The trauma faced in the past, the abandonment that has haunted one’s life, is now in the moment of hypnotherapy, perceived differently. A new understanding of the situation allows the trauma to no longer create a negative charge. Triggers disappear, lessons are learned and healing manifests.

Why Self-Love is so Important

Through Clinical hypnosis, self-love can be driven home into the realm of the subconscious; the mind will believe what you tell it to believe! All you have to do is choose to surrender and take a chance.

“Choose to see the light behind the dark stormy seas of abandonment and heal for the very last time. Discover and love the inner child, the “self”, and your life will change.”

~ Rochelle L. Cook MA., ChT.

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