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We settle into what we know, this means, adults become what they learned as children. Suffering becomes a habit that we become accustomed to. This is what makes change—positive change difficult and frightening and all this suffering makes life very complicated.

Healing requires walking through the fire to get to the other side. The way through is the way down. And, that, is exactly what I help you with—walking through the fire so that you can live a healthy and peaceful life. You can end what is disturbing your peace forever! Choice is possible!

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

"Your illusions have become attachments, these attachments create suffering."

Rochelle L. Cook MA CHt.


My sessions are robust and highly individualized for each client and issue. I start from a place that meets you where you are. I help you transform your negative perceptions at the subconscious level—this is the secret to your suffering.


"Spirituality is not the same as religion. Religion is an organized, regimented set of specific beliefs and practices. In spirituality we believe that there is something greater than you – whatever that may be, god, nature, the universe, and for some individuals it may be an indescribable feeling that lies within."

Habits are like old friends, some hold you back

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Rochelle L. Cook MA CHt.


Spirituality is raising your consciousness, I use Spiritual Psychology, the theory of Buddhism and Clinical Hypnotherapy to change the perception of the conscious and unconscious so that new thought can become the lighthouse, the guiding light to not only recovery but promote long-lasting change and peace. “Peace is priceless!” 

If we can connect to who we really are—a Soul having a human experience, and face the darkest parts of ourselves we transform.

If we confront the dark night of the soul, we would see the light shining onto our shadow selves, those dark musty corners, the skeletons in the closet of our minds where we store trauma. If we chose to experience “them” for what they really are in a spiritual context in the moment without judgment or denial we heal.



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Can Clinical Hypnosis Help?

Hypnosis can be a very effective tool in the healing process. It promotes positive change!

Relaxation therapy and guided imagery are used in the hypnotic state; hypnosis can help fix anxiety and remove physical and emotional symptoms that hinder the individual to move forward in their lives including anxiety, depression, trauma, and even physical pain. Reinforcing commitment and painting the power of good choice acts as the catalyst of change.

Change your perception at the subconscious level, why? The subconscious rules your life! Schedule a FREE Hypnotherapy Consultation to uncover how your subconscious life is ruling the show.

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Internet personality Jaclyn Glenn visits and experiences Clinical Hypnotherapy with Rochelle L. Cook MA., CHt.
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Ready For The Next Step!

I suspect that if you are taking the time to read what I have written that you have made the first step. You want to take back your power and are seeking the tools that create the safe container you crave. I can help you. I have pledged my life to helping others, those who I have had the privilege to work with end up helping others themselves! We need more like-minded people that can serve as the light house, not only for themselves, but others.