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Are You Anxious Or Worried About Your Relationship?

Will it last? Do You Want it to last?


Written by One of the Most Reviewed Therapists on YELP!



Life forced me to overcome abandonment issues and find myself.

My journey became the “7 Healing Paths For Your Relationship” 

I worked on the project for 2 years, during which I had a brain hemorrage and nearly died...

Chapter 1

My Story: How life forced me to overcome abandonment issues and find myself.

In examining my childhood, adolescence and young adulthood I uncovered the source of my unhealthy behavior.  I understood how each chapter of my life led to my unhappiness in the next chapter.  I studied spiritual psychology and clinical hypnotherapy, which supported me in changing my harmful belief systems into empowering ones.  My personal experience put together with my formal education serve as my driving force and guiding light as help others heal and find peace in relationships and life in general.

Chapter 2  

Chaos and Creativity: Through life circumstances our lives become chaotic yet we feel we are comfortable.

We create the chaos we live in.  We have learned to feel comfortable in what we create.  For example, the alcoholic feels comfortable with his drink, the cheater with his/or her concubine, the abandoned child when chasing love.  Most of us live our lives unconscious of the chaos even when it is right in front of us.  Why?  Because our basic identity is formed in childhood, and as adults we are still only grown up children reacting automatically and unconsciously to life’s ups and downs. Understanding and healing the issue via hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful ways out of living in chaos.

Chapter 3

The Storybook Syndrome: We don’t have to be what we were taught.

Every client that I have worked with suffers in one way or another from what I call the Story Book Syndrome.  Novels, movies, stage plays, songs, operas, fairytales and all popular culture tell us enchanting stories about the knight riding on his white horse and carrying his princess into the sunset.  None of this is reality.  The truth is that a healthy relationship starts with ourselves and requires awareness and tending to, just the way we would tend to a garden.

Do not point the finger, take personal responsibility and work your steps to completion.

Parenting Mindfully

Chapter 11

How to mindfully parent your children

Using case studies of healing family dysfunction, this chapter offers some inspirational thoughts

When it comes to children, we must pay attention to what we are doing, saying, and watch the way we are behaving. Many adults suffered trauma in their own childhood and it’s running their lives to this day.  It is important for adults to understand their own life’s suffering, so as not to project their “agenda” onto their children.  For instance, if a parent was the recipient of screaming in childhood, it is likely they will scream at their own children.  

The child will grow up believing this type of behavior is acceptable.  It is not.  Such behavior will make the child feel unworthy and undeserving since children tend to take on the responsibility when bad things happen in the family.  The child will carry the guilt into adulthood, and into the next generation, if the pattern is not stopped, by making the unconscious conscious.  Our children are the future of the world and our most precious asset.

Chapter 8

Stage five – The Turning Point

Having accepted our problem, we no longer want to dwell in it.  We have bottomed out, and we understand that we are not going to get out of the “belly of the well” by magical thinking.  We must do something.  We realize that we don’t have to be the victims of our circumstances.  That in fact “each of our difficulties and problems is a wrung on the ladder of our evolution,” as Dr. Ronald Hulnick reminds us.  This realization alone fills us with energy to continue on the path of healing. We reframe our problems as blessings and take personal responsibility.

  • Tend to your own garden
  • It matters what you think!
  • What have you learned?
  • Case study
  • Meditation
  • Worksheet

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