Does Relationship Coaching work? The simple answer is Yes!

<h2>Our Promise: Gain Greater Clarity about your Relationship!</h2><p>I have now seen hundred’s of couples, all of them have gained greater clarity because over the sessions we have discussed if the situation is true or not. </p><ul><li>Are you in a relationship that is unhealthy?</li><li>Are you wanting to save your relationship?</li><li>Do you want to enhance your relationship and take it to the next level?</li><li>Are you wanting to heal relationship past trauma?</li><li>Do you want to learn how to better communicate?</li></ul><h2><strong>Our coaching provides…</strong></h2><p>Structure, discipline and regular focused attention on the future desired picture of what you want your relationship to produce. A good coach helps you see what you cannot see on your own, because you’re too close to your own situation. What are your blocks? How is your thinking process, what are your limiting beliefs, how are they standing in your way? The coaching relationship demands you to stay on-track and accountable.</p><h2><strong>Why work with a relationship coach? </strong></h2><p><strong>By You Changing Your Behavior and learning to properly communicate from the authentic self you change your relationship!</strong> Our breakthrough couples coaching protocols and methods converts internal negative pictures and stories into reframed positive ones that produce the success you demand from your relationship. Become what you think!</p><p>Many relationship coaching programs are based on external aspects such as goal setting, examining  daily calendars, time management and relationship techniques. External aspects are important, our work however is focused on the internal stories that have created you to become the way you are. Rich and meaningful relationship with the Self is often blocked by false and limiting beliefs or long standing resentment even fear experienced in the past.</p><p><strong>“Your outer reality is your inner reality” Look within first. “I am upset because I.”</strong></p><p><strong>We teach our clients to resolve the issues within themselves so that they no longer project and blame their partner.  We work with judgments and belief systems about the self and others so that the relationship has the freedom to bloom into a new healthy state. </strong></p><p>Whether we are working with the couple or the individuals in a couples’ relationship, it is critical that we pinpoint the internal barriers that hinder relationship prosperity. Removing and reframing internal obstacles leads to the reality of a transformed relationship and a future worth designing.</p><p>Intimacy does not just happen! Couple dynamics are complicated and thus require a focused multi-pronged approach. Our goal is to focus on improving intimacy, relationship communication, and to distinguish how conflicts emerge while developing protocols to mitigate them. This is accomplished by not only understanding the strengths and deficits of the couples’ current relationship patterns but by also coming to understand the individual experiences that each member of the couple brings to the couple dynamic. Each member of the couple has a wealth of experiences, feelings, behaviors and beliefs that were formed well before the couple was formed. Issues are personal and deep and require precise scrutiny in order that they not be projected onto the dynamic. Understanding the impact of these dynamic experiences as well as examining the current couple dynamic creates space for understanding, revelation, recovery and healing.</p>[bctt tweet=”Does Relationship Coaching work? The simple answer is Yes!” username=”RochelleLCook”]<h3>Do you know if your relationship is working? Do you want to save your relationship? If you are thinking of divorcing could it be done amicable?</h3><h3>Book a FREE 10 minute consultation and tell me your relationship story.</h3>BOOK A CONSULT >>>