Relationship Test

Relationship Coaching including Trauma

(Individuals & Couples)

Have you tried everything?

How do I know how to help you? I am a recovered love addict! My own journey and education have given me the tools to hold your hand as you walk through the fire to get to the other side of peace. You are not alone.


Combining the practice of Spiritual Psychology and Clinical Hypnosis produces magical results.


If you experience problems in your relationship, or around relationships in general, it is worth taking a look at your beliefs and behaviors. In some cases relationships can often trigger upsetting events that we have experienced in the past. Pointing the other finger gets you nowhere; this includes marriages! What matters? How you perceive your experience? Everything we do is in context of relationships, including the relationship to one’s self. We live in an interconnected world.

Our well being depends on our ability to connect to others, and to ourselves. If you are one who has experienced trauma, your trauma is communicating fear and reacting in an unhealthy manner. This causes disturbance in your peace.