Rochelle has been such a blessing. She is so positive and truly skilled in her profession.

I would highly recommend trying out Hypnoband and aversion therapy.

I have been seeing Rochelle for about 8 weeks and have lost 19 lbs over the course of this time. I still have weight to lose but the process of hypnoband and aversion therapy has helped me tremendously. After my first session with Rochelle, I literally stopped wanting to eat my trigger foods. I loved to eat bean and cheese burritos and would have at least one a week but once Rochelle used aversion therapy I have not had one burrito, nor do I have the craving for one.
It is truly amazing and has led me to feel in control of what I eat. By going through the Hypnoband therapy sessions, I have gained a huge awareness for what I am putting into my body. I am not perfect that is for sure, but by gaining more awareness of what types of food and HOW much food I am putting in my body has had a life changing affect on me. I feel full more quickly and I definitely am eating less food than I was before.
— Chantal Z. 6/20/2013 Redondo Beach, CA