Rochelle’s Hypnotherapy Sessions Changed My Life

I purchased a session with her and have been going back weekly to her ever since.

I was unfamiliar with hypnosis, but intrigued to learn and try to heal things that I felt needed to be addressed from my past. I am learning how powerful our subconscious really is. We so often forget the power of our minds since we usually are not aware of this subconscious level. I have been to therapy in the past, but nothing like this. I believe Rochelle is able to help me more than any other person I have found.

Rochelle’s hypnotherapy sessions are very effective. I tell her my life story, what bothers me, what I struggle with, and we spend our sessions repairing and envisioning the life that I want and actually have  (if I let go of all the hurt, pain, and fears I have carried for so many years). I thank Rochelle for her insight, her ability to say exactly what I need to hear. My mind is humbled by her words. After each session I feel so happy. I have been raving about her since I met her. I HIGHLY recommend trying this out. She has a gift, and I am lucky I found her. My life seems to be happier already. Thank you!

— Elian A. Los angeles

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