Rochelle is truly a remarkable person and is the best at what she does. What makes Rochelle different than anyone else I’ve ever worked with is that she LOVES what she does and is simply passionate about helping peopleand it shows through in her work! I’ve spent years in and out of therapy with small improvements. I’ve seen Rochelle about 4-5 times now and the progress and growth I’ve seen so far greatly surpasses what I saw in years of work with other practioners!
There are hardly words to describe the beautiful work she does. Beyond individual work with her patients, Rochelle spends a lot of time giving back to the community at large, especially the LGBT community. Rochelle really specializes in helping people with self-acceptance and abandonment issues, which devastatingly, is common within the LGBT community. Rochelle and a Dr. Glock, a colleague of hers put on large seminars throughout the country for LGBT persons that work on healing through meditation called “Yes, I Belong”. I encourage any LGBT brothers and sisters who are looking for someone to work with to seek out Rochelle or the large seminars she hosts. She knows her stuff. The next one is in Seattle on Oct. 18 then another in LA.
So much love and gratitude for Rochelle.
~ Cecilia M. Los Angeles, CA 10/7/2013