Stop Bedwetting with Pediatric Hypnotherapy

“I have to say that Aytana has completely stopped having “accidents” in bed, she has had NONE!!! I am so happy for her and proud. Obviously, I am also very thankful to you for helping with her little problem in such a gentle and caring way.   I also wanted to ask you about a weight loss group session that I think I saw a while ago, I cannot find that email! I have so many people that would benefit from that. If you can please send me the information so I can share on my web and facebook page, that would be awesome.   Thank you!!

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Supa Bunnee Potty Training is now available! End bedwetting with hypnotherapy.

Use headphones, or earbuds at bedtime and have them listen to this story. Invented by Rochelle L. Cook MA., CHt., clinical hypnotherapist and author as seen on OWNTV. It is amazing to see how your child’s imagination is sparked in a new and positive direction. Potty Training was never this easy…  

The companion story to help your child with nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) can be found here, we have found using the two together helps the child understand Super Bunnee and the inherent messaging that stops bedwetting and potty training.

Supa Bunnee Overcomes Bed-Wetting

Supa Bunnee Overcomes BedWetting

By age six, most children who wet realize that they are in the minority among their peers. By age seven, most have become certain that there are no other children in the world their age who still wet–and they do all they can to protect their secret. Ms. Cook’s Story Centered Coaching approach helps your child Overcome Bedwetting!

Supa Bunnee’s Potty Training Adventure.

Supa Bunnee’s Potty Training Adventure

Potty Training is designed as a fascinating hypnotic story that releases children of the anxiety associated with their next step in childhood development.