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Are you Depressed? Breaking up with your wife or husband? Boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you rethinking your relationships?

The Soul's Coach—7 Paths to Healing Your Relationship by Rochelle L. Cook MA., ChT.Coupling or Uncoupling? These are difficult times and you may experience depression or anxiousness?

These are natural feelings and they can be overcome with clinical hypnotherapy. My approach is story centered, you tell me your story, we reframe and then embed this alternative realty into your subconscious. Often one or two therapy sessions can move you from despair to joy. Hard to believe, it’s true! I’ve been on this journey I wrote a book about this journey called The soul’s Coach.

The book describes different stages to move from deep sadness and denial to a place of forgiveness and onto joy. My therapy gently guides you along this path.

But, before you can start recovering you need to get unstuck!

Do you know where you are stuck, or what type of person you are?

Instantly discover if you are a Tunnel Visionary, a Deflated Doer, a Lone Leader or a Reluctant Adapter, a Waffler or Ideal Achiever. (The test takes 4 minutes). Or, would you love to change careers but just don’t know where to start? Are you just stuck by a looming project? Perhaps, you are just tuckered out because you’ve been grinding away at the same old routine. Maybe you are gnashing your teeth at night, not sure which way to turn.

The first step… is to understand where and how you are stuck.

What has gotten you stuck and then how do you get unstuck, this is the critical issue. Where are you stuck depends on your temperament, take the simple test and the result will give you an accurate description of your temperament and make suggestions for how you can get unstuck. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

Not ready to take the test?

Book a FREE 10 minute consultation on the phone with me, tell me your story.

Or start with this meditation

Buy this meditation to help you at home now. Get a taste of how hypnosis works. The download will be available directly after purchase.

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Hypnotherapist’s work with vocational and advocational self-improvement and are not licensed by the State of California as healing arts practitioners. Some conditions may require a medical or psychological referral. Hypnotherapy is an approved medical practice that is fully recognized in many countries around the world. Hypnotherapy is frequently used to control pain without any side effects and when drugs sometimes fail. Due to this holistic mind/body approach healing can occur rapidly, yet gently, with faster recovery and fewer doctors visits.