Hi Rochelle,
I thought you’d appreciate hearing what Julia did last night…
As I was snuggling with her I suggested she listen to a super Bunnee story. She replied that she knows them all really well and suggested that she tell a story herself. She began her super Bunnee story just the way super Bunnee does on the tape.  She even had the higher pitch.  You would have been amazed!!  Super Bunnee was worried about going on her summer vacation. (Julia has expressed her concerns to me a few times about this vacation).
Super Bunnee went into ALL the details of her worries. Then super bunnee’s mom told super Bunnee all the reasons she shouldn’t worry. It was amazing to listen to.
[quote]Her next story was about super Bunnee being upset about her teacher and classmates.” [/quote]
She ignored the teacher because she didn’t like her and was mean to her classmates. Super Bunnee was sent to the principal’s office and they had a long talk. At home, super bunnee’s mom told her it was super Bunnee who made this happen and it was her choice to be mad and misbehave. Mom told her she’d make new friends etc…  The discussion continued between mom and Super Bunnee.  Super Bunnee brought out all Julia’s worries. And super Bunnee’s mom was so smart, reassuring, comforting, loving and mature. She even told her little bun bun not to judge. Wow.
[quote]I think super Bunnee’s mom is the best and can easily replace me.”[/quote]
Can’t wait for tonight to hear another super Bunnee story told by Julia.
Have a great day!
– Susan., Los Angeles, California

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