Our Super Bunnee® Eats Healthy MP3 and Audio CD, both of which are available on Amazon.com work because the Super Bunnee character teaches the child about eating healthy by way of fabulous stories. Our Super Bunnee programs are clinically tested and proven.
The stories are delivered in such a way that the child becomes both fascinated and entrained altering negative behavior into positive ones. What issue is oyur child facing?
We encourage children to draw, paint and write about Super Bunnee after each session or after listening to the MP# or audio CD. This reinforces the positive changes suggested by Super Bunnee.
The two illustrations below are from a recent clinical session  (July 2013) at our clinic in Venice, California.
As you can see the child has focused on various important themes as triggered by the stories. By writing  and drawing them the necessary behavioral modification actions are activated in the child’s consciousness. These important lessons become gateways and pathways for future learnings.
“Bunnee’s favorite healthy foods carrots, radish, tomatoe, apple, banana, grapes and cucumber”
“Don’t eat sugar”
“Your teeth will fall out if you eat sugar”
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