Rochelle L. Cook MA CHt., testimonial on YELP

I’m not typically a review-writer, but Rochelle is someone whose work deserves public praise. I was originally referred to her by a loved one, after several years of trying (and failing) to find a solid therapist to work with.

As someone who has been in and out of traditional therapy from a young age, “therapy” in itself is not foreign to me. Rochelle, however, does so much more than “traditional therapy.” She holds space for others, meets people EXACTLY where they are, and has levels of understanding and compassion deeper than of anyone I’ve ever met.

Rochelle, while always being professional, is a genuine, REAL human being who never puts herself “above” or “ahead” of you. She sees you, she cares about you, she believes in you, and she WANTS you to heal.

If you are someone who is willing to commit to yourself, to your healing, to your future, give Rochelle a call. She has absolutely changed my life, and every person I know affiliated with her has their own unique stories of healing with Rochelle’s help.

Thank you, Rochelle, for being the wonderful human that you are! Your work makes such an impact! More on Yelp…