AuthorSurkis, Herman
TitleThe Modification of Smoking Behaviour: A Research Evaluation of Aversion Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and a Combined Technique
Publication Date1977
University/PublisherWilfrid Laurier University
AbstractThis study compared aversion therapy, hypnotherapy, and a combined method. It was predicted that the treatment of imagined behaviour would generalize to overt behaviours. Individuals were randomly assigned to one of three groups: the aversion group with shock contingent on imagined behaviour, and finally the combined group which consisted of traditional hypnotherapy in combination with aversion therapy. The treatments were contained on separate cassettes with each subject receiving his appropriate cassette. Subjects met in groups of 3-5 individuals, twice a week for three weeks. Individuals acted as their own controls through the establishment of a pre-treatment baseline of smoking rate. The data were inconclusive for the aversion and hypnotherapy groups. The combined group showed a significant change over the treatment sessions (p
Subjects/KeywordsBehavior and Behavior Mechanisms; Psychology
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AuthorExactSurkis, Herman