Do You Want This But Don’t Have It? Relationship Coaching with Rochelle L. Cook Photograph by Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

The One Secret to a Really Great Relationship & finding love is fixing the relationship you have with yourself. Change the beliefs about yourself & find love.

I offer Relationship Coaching for Couples & Individuals using Hypnotherapy & Spiritual Psychology.

Would you like to create a new space for understanding, revelation, recovery and healing? I offer a FREE consultation. Please call me, talk to me, tell me about your relationship.

Gain Clarity & Intimacy in your Relationship with Hypnotherapy and *Spiritual Psychology. From the Author of the The Soul’s Coach—7 Paths to Healing Your Relationship.

*Spiritual means, elevating your consciousness & Psychology means the study of the science of the mind. 

How is your Relationship working?

  • Are you in a relationship that is unhealthy?
  • Do you want to save your marriage?
  • Do you want to enhance your relationship and take it to another level?
  • Do you want to heal past trauma?
  • Do you want to learn how to better communicate?

Our Couples & Individual Relationship Coaching provides…

Deep healing with structure, discipline and regular focused attention on the future desired picture of what you want your relationship to produce. A good clinical hypnotherapist helps you see what you cannot see on your own. Why? Because often you’re too close to your own situation. What are your blocks? How is your thinking process functioning? What are your limiting beliefs, how are they standing in your way?

Do you ever wonder why you keep choosing the wrong partner?

Are you trying to get over a breakup? Do you think it is your fault?

  • If someone leaves do you feel like your life is over?
  • Do you feel like, you’ll NEVER find someone like them again.
  • I could have done something to save my relationship… but didn’t. It’s all my fault!
  • All you can do is think about how much you miss your ex.
  • Are you ok if the relationship is not ok?
  • Do your attract the same type of difficult relationship?
  • Do you constantly feel as though you are not worthy or deserving?

Why work with a Clinical Hypnotherapist?

When you change your behavior and learn to communicate more effectively—your relationship will then change! Our individual and couples protocols and methods often converts internal negative pictures and stories into reframed positive ones that produce the success you would like from your relationship. If you are suffering from a breakup these protocols may effectively mitigate the pain and suffering you are experiencing.

Not sure if hypnotherapy or my Relationship Coaching methods will work on you and your precise situation? Please reach out and book a FREE consultation with me and tell me your story, it’s the only way we’ll find out.

Talk to me about your issue, often an initial traumatic event occurred. Get rid of that and viola your issues shift. Schedule a free online consultation, it will immediately make you feel better!