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Rochelle L. Cook The Relationship Coach as seen on OWNTV

Using Hypnotherapy Rochelle discovered that growing up, Ester Nicholson suffered abuse and neglect at the hands of her mother.

In this episode

Ester shared she was estranged from her own daughter. Watch how Rochelle uses her skill to go back, and then compare and contrast today’s behaviors with what Ester had learned earlier in life. It was Ester’s own story, that when revealed and honored allowed compassion to exist for the same patterns to be dissolved

The Relationship Coach at work!

The tools the Relationship Coach uses are a combination of spiritual and traditional techniques of Hypnosis and Gestalt Therapy to ignite “Rapid Healing.”

Known to her peers as a whisperer, her background and life experiences allow her to connect to a diverse population of all ages. Her philosophy is that all people are worthy and lovable, they just haven’t fully embraced that yet. Rochelle’s passion is helping people get to the good and find the love inside they deserve.

Season 2, Episode 104 | Ester Nicholson: Mothers and Daughters

Growing up, Ester Nicholson suffered abuse and neglect at the hands of her mother.

She turned to drugs and alcohol and soon became a teenage mother with a crippling addiction. Ester began repeating the same vicious cycle of neglect with her own daughter, Shawntee, who was eventually taken away by her family. Now 25 years sober, Ester has begun to heal her wounds.

Her daughter, however, still deeply feels the pain of her mother’s abandonment. To begin rebuilding their relationship, filmmaker Jonas Elrod helps facilitate Ester and Shawntee’s first joint therapy session with counselor Rochelle L. Cook, MA, CHT. “I don’t understand how you could leave a little girl alone,” Shawntee says to her mother. “What was going through your mind when you were doing those things?” Watch as Ester and Shawntee discuss the wounds they both suffered as children and the beautiful relationship that can have once both women begin to heal.

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