The Secret to Ending Toxic Relationship Pain Is…

Locating and Dismantling Old Negative Patterns of Behavior?

Healing works by identifying the root causes of mental, emotional and physical pain in your life.

Then old patterns may then be released, then, and only then, will you experience:

  • Renewed inner strength and clarity 
  • Understand the meaning of your mental, emotional and physical pain
  • Re-discover your life purpose
  • Transform the self-sabotaging layers of old thought patterns that are cemented in your conscious mind
  • Heal for the very last time your inner child traumas and wounds
  • Release stress, anxiety and fear and blossom into new life
  • Expand your consciousness and awaken to a new journey

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

A thriving mind and life are the outcomes people experience when working with Rochelle L. Cook. Her work is a holistic spiritual practice that allows you to heal your “yesterday” for the very last time.  Your future or “tomorrow” is an illusion shaped and based on your past and yesterday’s stories about the past you carry around.  By releasing the negative belief systems and experiencing the safety of a peaceful mind, you master being present in “today” and achieve living in the mindful here and now.  She calls this work – Mind Shaping. Most journey’s begin  with a “Safe Work,” this establishes a safe space from which to explore the past, relive the traumas from an adult mind. From this vantage, forgiveness can occur.  Through a variety of other techniques and modalities, Rochelle guides clients through seasons of change and transformation.  Embarking on this courageous journey is fundamental for a lifetime of freedom and mindfulness.

What is Safe Work?

Every human has lived in a pure and safe space at one point in their life.  But with time and through experiencing abandonment and traumas people acquire negative belief systems, your safe place is often whittled away to nothing.  By addressing the deep scars that abandonment can leave and learning to parent the sad and lonely child that lives inside of you, a safe place is created for that child to grow up in, to live in fully and thrive.  Abandonment can cause upsets in every area of life. These upsets may manifest as addictions, career catastrophes, relationship pain and disasters, weight gain or loss, bulimia and other types of disorders, as well as other types of self-sabotaging behaviors that limit your ability for living life to the fullest.

A Season for Change

Life goes through seasons and after winter, spring and summer always arrive.  Winter can be cold and so dark, that perhaps you do not believe that warmth and lightness will come to your life.  Winter may be referred to as an “emotional bottom.”  It is the moment one decides that there must be change – a magical new life does not immediately manifest, creating a new life requires dedication and work. To experience spring, you MUST make a significant shift in your life.  Rochelle’s process guides you through the winter darkness, allowing someone else to hold the light, as a guide, allowing you to emerge and bask in the fresh warmth of spring.

“Rochelle knows her stuff!!! Rochelle helped me to recognize some deep rooted issues I didn’t realize I had buried way down. After a number of sessions, I feel more free and at peace. I don’t think there are many therapists like Rochelle that are out there – her methodology is different yet works. I recommend her if you are seeking answers, want more awareness for yourself and are open to change… and doing the (necessary) homework that helps you to really heal.  Rochelle knows her stuff!!!”

~ C. G. Venice California.

“A gifted healer who gives 1000%. Smart and funny too. And, oddly, my wife is crazy about her as well – even though she’s afraid to participate she can see the  improvement in me.  Deep thanks.”

~ Alan Moyle

We offer Zoom & telephone sessions! You do not even have to leave the comfort of your own home!