Therapeutic Hypnotherapy Services


Therapeutic Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Helps People Reframe Destructive Patterns and Thrive!

But what does this mean? Start with thinking about your life, take stock of your past—are you fulfilled, is everything working out as you planned? What state are your finances in? How about your career and how are your relationships? Are they happy or could they be a lot better? What does happiness and peace look like? What are your core values, do you know what those values are for you? Are you living in harmony, are you at peace and most importantly, do you have a blueprint, a path to follow if you are not fulfilled?

This is what I help you with as your coach and hypnotherapist.

I help you dive deeply into these questions. My training and general philosophy is based on Carl Rogers’ “Person Centered Therapy.” A system whereby I help you self-actualize your own inner genuineness and empathic understanding of your own world. Simple put, our work together is a partnership, the initial talk therapy uncovers the underlying issues, then, together we forgive and heal the misunderstandings about those early times and traumas.

What makes me different is my empathy and the ability to connect with your authentic self. My various methods focus on what you need to do to achieve your goals with an emphasis on how you want to feel as you achieve them. This is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and technique woven throughout my counseling work. This focus ensures that you are moving towards a positive and desired future, and not what you think you want. The end result is: fulfillment, peace and success.

To achieve this kind of success my work mashes together Spiritual Psychology & Hypnosis. By combining these two modalities and adding the teachings of Buddhism and mindfulness practice that helps you overcome your issues because, hypnosis helps the subconscious mind to reframe and change destructive patterns.