Rochelle, I went out to dinner,  I did notice that I was fuller quicker and stopped eating quite early into the starters I ordered, and left food ,which I took home, which I hardly ever do, as I normally eat it all. So I am proud of myself for that.It’s a huge thing for me to take home food which I really love eating. Also I noticed that I didn’t tell really want the dessert I had ordered, as it had chocolate and ice cream, but I ate a tiny amount and left it, I mainly ate the banana that came with it. I am shocked that I didn’t spoon up and eat all the chocolate and ice cream, which is what I normally would have done prior to hypnotherapy.Yeah it’s working.I can’t thank you enough for helping me.If you would like to post this to your website please do. I am a true believer that hypnotherapy works – if you want and have the will to change it will work!Thank you, thank you.~ Robyn

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