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Morning headaches are a common sign of depression and anxiety, research finds. 

People naturally assume that morning headaches are related to poor sleep. While they often are, poor sleep is not the only cause.

The survey of 25,579 individuals aged 15 and over found that the most significant factors linked to chronic morning headaches were anxiety and depression problems.

Maurice M. OHAYON1 and Charles F. REYNOLDS, III2, the study’s authors, said:

“44% reported that insomnia affected their health. Nearly two-thirds (61.6%) said the impact on health was due to physical fatigue or weariness.

30% of subjects reported an impact on their work and/or daily activities. Most frequently reported causes of the impact on work or activities were physical fatigue or weariness (53.7%), mental or intellectual fatigue (49.5%), irritability (39.3%) and decreased efficiency (33.8%).

31.3% of subjects mentioned effects on family relationships. The most frequently reported causes were irritability (58.5%), physical fatigue (49.2%), mental fatigue (36.7%) and depressive mood (34.8%).”

Depression, anxiety and poor sleep were not the only predictors of morning headaches, though, drinking, high blood pressure were also linked to insomnia.

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