We have been having problems getting pregnant, all of 2012…

WWe have been having problems getting pregnant.  I’m so glad that I found Rochelle, and Transformational is such the right word for her Hypnotherapy!

I was so curious about hypnotherapy, I always wondered if it would work for me. When I saw an online deal, I thought why not! I had some anxieties and issues to work on, and although minor, they prevented me from living the way I wanted to live. I knew I could be happier if I just lost more weight, became fluent in Japanese, and maybe have a baby. Although I didn’t know that Rochelle could help me with that when I first met her.

I met with her last summer, and she really appealed to my creative side. I began losing weight without any effort, and Japanese has become easier for me to retain. But the biggest difference in my life is that I’m pregnant! Obviously, I don’t care about losing weight right now, but I’m confident that after I deliver my little boy, it won’t be a problem at all.

We had been trying to get pregnant all of 2012, and not until I met with an OB in Oct, did she mention acupuncture and hypnosis for getting pregnant. Who knew? It’s certainly not out there in the mainstream. Since I already had done some acupuncture for some fertility treatments and nothing had happened, I really jumped on the idea of hypnosis! I had a horrible birthing experience with my first, so my OB suggested that maybe that negative energy needed to be cleared out before the next new energy could come in, AND that it would be a more cost effective/easier way before going down the road of hormone shots, etc.

Since I already had Rochelle help me out on my other smaller issues, maybe she could help me with this bigger, more important issue. After only one session, I was surprised to find out that my hubby and I were pregnant, without even trying! We were aiming for the next cycle, when all of a sudden we found out that we didn’t need to aim anymore. It was the week before Christmas when we found out, and we couldn’t have gotten a better present than that! Literally, we had been trying 8 mths with ovulation kits, and the last month or two doing acupuncture, but nothing with just that.

[quote style=”boxed”]Rochelle delivers results! I’ve found, as long as you have an idea of why you are blocked or why you aren’t where you want to be, you can obliterate it. Also, Rochelle was a therapist first, so she can certainly help with finding out why too![/quote]

If you’re ready for change, then give Rochelle a try. Going with an open mind is all that’s needed. Obviously, you don’t have to be completely convinced this will work for you, but of course, that wouldn’t hurt =)

— Juliet E. Los Angeles