Melody LA Oysters on #ValentinesDay

Eat oysters and drink wine for $69 (heh)

Cozy up to your date under a blanket on the heated patio or make eyes from inside the repurposed craftsman home during Valentine 69, a more informal take on Valentine’s Day plans. Virgil Village’s “lazy French” wine bar and restaurant Melody will have live DJ sets spinning and the full dinner service up and running, not to mention one of the neighborhood’s most eccentric wine menus featuring hard-to-find labels. Be sure to take part in the holiday-inspired 69 deal, which nets you a dozen oysters and a full bottle of a bubbly, white, red or rosé all for $69.

Enjoy the repurposed California Craftsman Interior Design.

Melody LA Interior

How is your Relationship?

Is it how you would like it to be? Could it be better? In our experience mindfullness is a key factor in having a great relationship. When you are conscious of yourself and how you feel and have empathy for the other person in your life you can both experience euphoria.

Do you want to experience Euphoria?

We recommend some wine and oysters and steamed black mussels at Melody LA (book your table) on Valentines Day. These foods are known the world over as aphrodisiacs, at least since the Roman Empire. It’s not just the taste of them, but the delicate nature of them, or the way they look, or the smell of the sea you imagine, it’s, well they just seem so romantic.

These are there things we talk about in our relationship therapy sessions. How do you surprise your significant other? How do you get past old stumbling blocks? 

Not sure if hypnotherapy or my relationship coaching methods will work? Please reach out and book a FREE consultation with me and tell me your story.