What Happens After 10 Sessions?

You’re changed. That is the simple answer.

But, I know it’s complicated!

You may come in wondering why do guys pull away when they are falling in love, or you want hypnosis for self confidence and self esteem, or you want hypnosis for a heartbreak you are experiencing. My form of storytelling and Clinical Hypnotherapy teaches you how to stay positive when everything is going wrong!

In the first session you blame others, in the 5th session you blame yourself. On the last session you blame no one.

The average cost of hypnotherapy per session is $200, but you can purchase packages of 10 for $1700, that’s a session and a half for free, or a $300 savings. My hypnotherapy fees can be found here and here where you can make an appointment online. Many people ask how much do hypnotherapists charge? My rates are about the same price as other Clinical Hypnotherapists in Los Angeles.