What Happens in Hypnosis Sessions?

Successful results depend on how willing and committed you are too healing.

Being ruthlessly honest with yourself is also a key factor.

My hypnosis sessions are 100% confidential and they work because of the approach I have developed. They are a combination of Buddhism, Depth Psychology, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, (CBT) Spiritual Psychology, and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

But, before we begin, here’s the big secret of hypnotherapy—you the client are the one who is in control, and significantly: if you choose to heal and if you are totally honest with yourself. As a hypnotherapist, my role is to serve as your wise elder and guide as well as explaining to you “What Happens in Hypnosis Sessions”. You decide if you want to heal and you decide if you want to do the work necessary or not and what issue to work on first.

What Happens in Hypnosis Sessions? In the beginning is your story!
What Happens in Hypnosis Sessions? In the beginning is your story!

What Happens in a Hypnosis Session? In The Beginning

We start with you telling me your story. In the beginning you tell me where it all began, what the issue is, and are there any traumas associated with past events. Listening and understanding and having you share the right information at the start are what determines everything that happens for the rest of the session. Towards the end of this conversation, I’ll usually explain and demonstrate how the subconscious mind works. These demonstrations are also helpful to me in that they let me know what specific protocols to take during the next part of the session: the induction.

The Induction Process

The induction is the process where I lead you into a very relaxed state of higher learning. A trance-like state where your mind operates at more relaxed frequencies. You will become peaceful and will hear, understand and be aware of everything that is taking place.

You will find that being hypnotized is an extremely relaxing, and a pleasurable experience.

There are a number of methods I use as an induction. Which one is used all depends on your style of living and learning in the world, as well as the feedback you give me to my questions. There are very distinct and different ways that people learn and process information, discovering this is the key to successful therapeutic outcomes. During the first part of our session, one of the things I am doing is trying to understand what kind of stimuli and language is best for me to use with you. Some inductions are quite quick. Others may take 15 or 20 minutes. Once again, everything in the session is driven by you.

The Core Hypnotherapeutic Process

This is where the “healing and change work” happens. It may be where we go through a story that helps you with pain management, weight release, becoming a non-smoker, overcoming fear of public speaking or relieving you of depression or anxiety. The therapy that is done is what you have said at the beginning of the session that you want to work on. We resolve the issue we have identified. This can happen in one session or sometimes it requires multiple sessions.

In most cases I provide post-hypnotic suggestion (PHS) and anchors that you can trigger: this gives you a device or tool to use in the future when you find yourself in old patterns or triggering environments. Often it is these anchors and triggers that allow clients to immediately relax or work through situations that before completely stopped them from moving forward.

Completion: Transition to Wakefulness

This transition to wakefulness is simply bringing you back out from your trance. This is a gentle, orderly process. It is not done in any hurry. I am paying close attention to you as you are coming out of the trance, often adding some additional guidance. Having the right tools for you to use “out in the world” is my primary focus.

Because hypnosis is so relaxing and enjoyable, you may linger and not want to leave. This is exactly what you can achieve by yourself with meditation and mindfulness practice. Both of which I encourage. When you are wide awake, I’m there to welcome you back, check in with you and answer any questions you have. For me, one of the most exciting and beautiful aspects of hypnotherapy is just how quickly positive change can manifest. Unlike many therapeutic approaches (some of which take years), in many cases, often it is one session of hypnosis that is needed to address a specific issue.

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These are the main 4-steps in every Hypnosis Session?

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