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Hypnotherapy Applications:

My recent break up has been the most painful experience of my life.

I become vulnerable and I got hurt. I feel abandoned. Is this you? I know that when the pain gets so strong, you would do anything to stop it.

Is this you? Start doing these things immediately

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Now do these things

  1.  Nourish your body with healthy food and exercise
  2. Say “YES” to every social opportunity
  3. Re3connect with old friends
  4. Make some physical changes like cutting off your hair.
  5. Block your ex on every social channel you have
  6. Throw yourself into work and career
  7. Bite the bullet and schedule 10 sessions with me

To help you heal we’ll work through the Soul’s Coach: 7 Paths to Healing Your Relationship

Get started on your healing journey.

The 7 paths are specific gates that lead us into the heart of the problem. The 7 paths are the following: Denial: we live our lives oblivious to the reality of our situation. The other paths are….

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