What if you could start over?

Table of Contents

Hypnotherapy Applications:

Think about these questions and then…

  1. If you wanted a long-term romantic relationship would you want it to be
  • a traditional monogamous marriage?
  • multiple long-term romantic and sexual partners at the same time
  • avoiding any long-term romantic relationships

2. If you really followed your dream would you have an avocation

  • being an actor
  • an author writing fiction
  • playing a sport professionally
  • playing video games professionally
  • a Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • a Real Estate agent
  • A stock broker

The takeaway

Think about your answers. As you review them, notice if anything jumps out or has more energy and emotion around it. Does this make you want to change one or more things about your life? If so, consider making this your New Year’s resolution or resolutions.

Please reach out and book a FREE consultation with me and tell me what jumped out when you thought about what you want for yourself.