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Will Hypnosis Work on Me?

Hypnotic susceptibility—What is it?

Accurate testing of ‘suggestibility’, ‘hypnotic suggestibility’ and ‘hypnotizability’ is an issue fundamental to hypnosis research and the practice of clinical hypnosis. A myriad different susceptibility scales have been developed, we have modified the Creative Imagination Scale (CIS) originally developed by (Barber & Wilson, 1978).

The test below only has 10 questions and will take you 4 minutes, (we’ve timed it).

Before you take the test

Sit down in a private and quiet space. Center yourself in yourself, close your eyes and and imagine yourself at peace in a sacred place you love. It may be a rock next to a brook, or a special perch on top of a mountain, or listening to waves crashing. Wherever it is, imagine that place, relax and breathe in and breathe out, slow your breathing down. Do this for a few moments, allow yourself the pleasure and luxury of letting yourself linger. Then, open your eyes and answer the following questions as accurately as you can.


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