Rochelle is brilliant. I had read about her incredible work and desperately wanted to see her. Rochelle heard a bit of my story and has opened her arms (and beautiful space) to me. Truly a testament to her selflessness and dedication to her craft.
For years I have been depressed- and despite many other methods (including therapy, medication) I have been unable to feel better.

I have only had two sessions with Rochelle and I swear the cloud of confusion and despair that has been surrounding me for so long has been lifted. The troubling elements in my life have become so much clearer and manageable. Rochelle imparts her wisdom and years of experience in a way that is simple to understand and easy to implement into your life. Rochelle has an energy about her that is completely one of a kind- rather, once in a lifetime! Just sitting with Rochelle brings me an air of tranquility. And each time I leave, I feel free of my troubles, empowered & (she says it best herself), THRIVING! She brings out the creative, happy and loving side of me that I often feel I am without. She has helped me to rediscover my sense of self, and helps me to see the beauty in me!
In this town, it is impossible to find someone so sincere, warm and passionate. She is in this business for the business of others. She just gets it. Although I’ve tried to portray how incredible she is, it is difficult to find words to accurately describe Rochelle. She is such a rare extraordinary talent. I feel so lucky to have found her, and cannot wait for her to continue to further shift my perceptions to help me embody a clearer mindset.
I have endless love for this woman!!! I can never thank you enough, Rochelle for helping me in this difficult time.
~ Genevieve G. Los Angeles, CA