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[quote style=”boxed”]I’ve stopped my cravings for Macaroni & Cheese and high calorie burritos… I plateaued on my weight, tried many diets, and realized I needed help to get me over this hump. This was a mental issue as I was exercising regularly, but eating too much. Rochelle and Michael have both stepped in to help me as I have a very analytical mind and an ability to fall asleep easily. Through this program I’ve stopped my cravings for Macaroni & Cheese and high calorie burritos. I really had to eat these items once a week – now not at all. I was resistive at first, not believing these cravings could stop, but after a session, I realized I didn’t need those items. My awareness for what I’m eating and how much I’m eating has heighten. Rochelle really made me realize without pushing that I needed to count calories. She provided me ways of enjoying food. My confidence and self esteem has increased as my fitness goal is now achievable. Thanks Rochelle & Mike! – Dana P[/quote]